Crabapple Mews Collective is an author collective made up of volunteer writers and editors. We draw on our backgrounds as writers, teachers, editors, booksellers, designers, academics, publishers and producers of kick-ass literary events to help bring new stories to readers.
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Swapping stories with Susan Toy

Thanks to Susan for interviewing me for her Reading Recommendations blog. Here’s an excerpt:

What are you working on now?
A lot of marketing; a bit of Christmas shopping; that big pile of laundry. Oh! You mean, what am I writing now? The as-yet untitled sequel to A Root Beer Season, due for publication in the spring of 2015.

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A Root Beer Season is launched

a-root-beer-seasonOn November 14, 2013 at Owl’s Nest Books, an eager assembly welcomed the newest arrival into the Calgary literary family. Inge Bremer-Trueman officially launched her new book A Root Beer Season. Inge charmed the crowd with her dry wit and clever, genuine dialogue as she shared portions of her debut novel exploring the battles and challenges of growing up during the summer of love.

The publishing of Inges first novel also marks the launch of a new publishing venture – the Crabapple Mews Collective is born!

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